Your Wedding Band Is Not Co-Operating – What To Do Next

You’ve made all the best arrangements for your forthcoming wedding, or so you think. What would you do if the wedding band you hire in Birmingham City starts dragging its feet on various issues? You’ll have so many different things to complete in time for your big day that you can hardly afford to get into arguments about last minute details. At the same time, you can hardly afford to let the matter slide because music is a very important element of the arrangements for the big day. The right music will ensure that your guests have a great time and it will also help you give the day your personalized touch.

live wedding band performanceIf you wedding band starts making unreasonable demands in terms of food, accommodation or equipment then you will find yourself in a great deal of trouble. Many times, the band might say that it will not perform the music of your choice. The only way to avoid this problem is to have discussed the issues in detail beforehand and sealed the deal with the help of a written contract. If you haven’t done it then you certainly have to find a quick way of dealing with the problem.

The first thing that you need to do is locate another wedding band at the earliest convenience whereby we recommend the wedding music experts Apollo Live. However, this might not always be possible, especially if you have very few days left to the big day. You can be sure that the best bands are booked well in advance. You might therefore have no option but to work out a deal with the band you have already booked. You should start by finding out what the problem is so that you can work around it.

If the band is not willing to play beyond a certain point then you ought to consider hiring a DJ to fill in. In fact, you can retain the band to play during the ceremony and have the DJ provide music for the reception. This is also a good way to get entertainment for a long time without spending too much money. If the issue is the choice of songs then you should request the band to play at least some of the music that you want. If nothing works then you should contact a wedding planner to get you a good band, even if you have to pay more money for it. You’ll definitely save yourself a great deal of trouble if you just plan things carefully and get written contracts with your suppliers.

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